This website offers a range of practical explorations on daily issues. 

Themes include reflections on communication, enquiry, wise speech, authority, facilitation and leadership. 


There are pointers and outlines to give support to your personal, family, social and working life.


Lists of steps, bullet points and numerous one page outlines will contribute to further enquiry for readers.


The Dharma (practices and teachings) found on the website serve to question assumptions, free the heart and mind up, and encourage skilful responses to challenging circumstances.


You will find outlines of some of the best loved teachings of the Buddha that address inquiry, along with translation of some of the key terms in Pali (the language of the Buddha).


Please let me know of any further themes suitable for general interest





Dharma Talks of Christopher ranging from the years 2012 to 2018 are now available on https://soundcloud.com/search?q=christopher%20titmuss

Through podcast, there are 778 Dharma talks, Inquiries, Interviews, Questions and Answers as well as Guided Meditations can be downloaded or listened to online.

You can use your mobile phone (smart phone) to listen to the teachings.
You can download to your mobile phone the app, named SoundCloud (Android and Apple), to have access to the podcast.

There are now 335 Dharma talks available to listen to on www.archive.org

You can use your mobile phone to install an app, named Archivist (Android) from Google Play.
This will enable you to have access to all the talks from Christopher on www.archive.org on your mobile.

On iTunes there are currently 127 talks available including the newest talks from Sarnath, India in January 2018.
We will provide all the upcoming talks on all three platforms.

Currently we are transferring interviews from cassette tapes to MP3 format to upload them on the internet.
Christopher interviewed around 35 Agents of Change like Ajahn Buddhadasa, Krishnamurti,  Meichee Patwomwon, Poonja-ji, Thich Nhat Than.


Talks are uploaded every few weeks.

If you have any questions with regard to the above, please contact me (Ulla) at lebenimdharma@gmail.com


There are 70 YouTube clips in Dharma Channel. Christopher Titmuss with talks, guided meditations etc.

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Three Bows

Christopher Titmuss






The Buddha of Love

Christopher Titmuss


Starting with a chapter on the dysfunctional early life of the Buddha, Christopher Titmuss explores the profound importance of love in a series of essays. The Buddha of love addresses such themes as deep friendship, romantic love, the act of giving, spiritual relationships and compassion. There are essays on the teachings of Jesus, tantra sexuality and psychotherapy. Christopher offers a range of insightful perspective on matters of the heart while drawing on the Buddha's teachings. He shares stories, poems and offers practices to cultivate love as a liberating force.

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Poems from the edge of time 

Christopher Titmuss


From the introduction to the 108 poems in this book: "Poetry draws upon the potential of the so-called ordinary. In truth, the ordinary is an impostor of our perceptions of everyday life, a fiction of our habitual imagination. There is nothing ordinary about anything. Poetry functions as a language to probe deeply into the ordinary...Written mostly between 1994 and 2015, the 108 poems in this book address various themes. These poems fall into five primary areas – love, time, self, change, nature and Dharma. The poems and prose invite an enquiry, a moral view, a reflection, a polemic and occasionally an expression of outrage. We should not imagine that truth belongs narrowly to scientific journals, religious textbooks or enlightened masters. Poetry has the capacity to reveal a truth previously hidden from perception.

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The Mindfulness Manual

Christopher Titmuss


The Mindfulness Manual provides you with first-hand experience of the importance of mindfulness in your daily life. The manual is based on the Buddha's classic and most loved discourse on the four applications of mindfulness namely to body, feelings, states of mind and the inner/outer world. This manual consists of a series of teachings and practical daily exercises with regular quotes from the Buddha. There are questions to explore at the end of each chapter. Sustained mindfulness training develops the capacity to handle a wide variety of challenging situations, and to understand more deeply the relationship of the inner life to the outer world. Christopher also addresses ethics, communication, enquiry, spiritual experiences, action, love and a liberating wisdom. 

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 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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