A Dharma Teacher and a CEO



A comparison of a Dharma Teacher with a ruthless and power hungry CEO (Chief Ego Officer, oops Chief Executive Officer). Such a CEO is the head of a corporation or company who will take whatever steps necessary to gain market share, maximise profits, spoil the environment and avoid payment of taxes.


  • A Dharma Teacher welcomes those who engage in deep inquiry into wisdom and compassion. A CEO welcomes those who engage in the strategies and goals of such a corporation.

  • A Dharma teacher emphasises right livelihood. A CEO emphasises career.

  • A Dharma Teacher shows the way to depths of experience. A CEO shows the way to maximise profits.

  • A Dharma Teacher points to the ultimate security.  A CEO offers temporary security.

  • A Dharma Teacher reveals the power of co-operation.  A CEO’s fears the power of competition.

  • A Dharma Teacher teaches rise and fall. A CEO resists rise and fall.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees the path and goal as equally important. A CEO sees achievement of the company’s goals as important.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees the here and now as an opportunity for discovery. A CEO sees the present as an opportunity for future achievement of company goals.

  • A Dharma teacher offers practises for the complete destruction of stress. A CEO thinks that staff works better under stress or through a degree of stress reduction.

  • A Dharma Teacher shows the emptiness of the mental constructs of success and failure. A CEO views reality in terms of success and failure.

  • A Dharma Teacher applies mindfulness to ethics, wholesome action and marks of existence. A CEO hires mindfulness coaches for management to stay focussed, relaxed and co-operative to support the objectives of the company.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees loyalty as an emotion deserving inquiry. A CEO sees loyalty as a virtue.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees freedom as positionless. A CEO wants to hold to his/her position

  • A Dharma Teacher sees holding onto a position as entrapment.  A CEO thinks s/he has reached the top of the ladder.

  • A Dharma Teacher ranks wisdom as highly significant. A CEO ranks cleverness as highly significant.

  • A  Dharma Teacher points to a vast range of realisations. A CEO points to narrow objectives.

  • A Dharma teacher contributes to inner wealth. A CEO points to outer wealth.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees a life spent wanting and getting as a waste of an existence. A CEO values wanting and getting as a primary reason for existence

  • A Dharma Teacher uses his or her authority to show letting go. A CEO uses his/her authority to get what s/he wants.

  • A Dharma Teacher takes a deep interest in your inner life. A CEO has little interest in your personal life.

  • A Dharma Teacher takes a deep interest in your life outside the company. A CEO has little interest in your life outside the company.

  • A Dharma Teacher explores solutions to problems. A CEO expects solutions to problems.

  • A Dharma Teacher refers to the immediate experience of the practitioners.  A CEO refers to the track record of the staff.

  • A Dharma Teacher develops trust between him/herself and practitioners. A CEO expects his staff to follow him/her even if they do not trust him/her.

  • A Dharma Teacher sees what is common in the means and the end. A CEO sees the means as expedient to reach an end.

  • A Dharma teacher addresses every area of life. A CEO addresses the working day.

  • A Dharma teacher explores the immeasurable and unquantifiable. A CEO lives in measurement and quantifiable.

  • A Dharma teacher explores the immediate reality. The CEO sees the reality in sales charts and profit/loss margins.

  • A Dharma Teacher teaches wise action. A CEO sets targets.

  • A Dharma teacher addresses the deathless liberation. A CEO has to cope with ageing, pain and death.

  • A Dharma Teacher sits in the front of the practitioners. A CEO sits in his personal office.


  • A Dharma Teacher offers teachings and practices on dana (donation). A CEO receives a salary according to the market.


  • A Dharma Teacher represents a 2600 year old Dharma tradition.  A CEO lives vulnerable to a takeover.


  • A Dharma Teacher has much to offer.  A CEO has …….


  • A Dharma Teacher is a CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) for the worldwide Sangha. A CEO is a CEO.



May all beings co-operate together

May all beings live mindful lives

May all beings with a liberated wisdom




 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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