A Few Rotten Apples does not make an Orchard

The War on Muslims



Arab news services report that Syria has become the 14th predominantly Muslim nation that U.S. forces have invaded or occupied or bombed since 1980.  NATO forces have frequently supported these invasions. Far more than a million Muslims have died as well as the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.


  1. Iran (1980, 1987-1988)

  2. Libya (1981, 1986, 1989, 2011)

  3. Lebanon (1983)

  4. Kuwait (1991)

  5. Iraq (1991-2011, 2014-)

  6. Somalia (1992-1993, 2007-)

  7. Bosnia (1995)

  8. Saudi Arabia (1991, 1996)

  9. Afghanistan (1998, 2001-)

  10. Sudan (1998)

  11. Kosovo (1999)

  12. Yemen (2000, 2002-)

  13. Pakistan (2004-)

  14. Syria (2014 -.


There is also the aiding and financing of Israel’s war on Palestine and invasions of Lebanon. We are not seeing any sign of any end to these years of horror. We see civil wars, power vacuums, countless deaths and maiming with  millions of refugees through policies to pursue further killing and willful destruction in the name of ending killing and willful destruction. Evil begets evil. Violence begets violence. Revenge begets revenge. All who advocate such warfare share the responsibility for this nightmare while countless others in the West and Muslim world  fear to protest for fear of sounding naive.


Again and again, we are told that that the West is not making war on Muslims. Really?



May all beings negotiate settlements

May all beings end the inner and outer violence

May all beings develop social and political justice.




 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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