Intimacy Circle



An intimacy circle of three people per group to share an experience or an issue of importance.


One person is the speaker.


One person is the questioner.


One person is the silent witness.


One person asks question on the specific theme to the speaker. T


The speaker responds.


If the session is for 10 minutes, then the silent witness says after eight minutes that there is two minutes left.


The question keep his or her questions short.


The questioner does not bring in any personal story.


The silent witness, who is also the timekeeper, gives a brief response to what he or listend to at the end of the session.


It might be a sentence or two of appreciation to speaker and questioner and a sentence or two of what could be developed.


The speaker and the questioner do not respond to the feedback.


There is a rotation of the three roles. The intimacy circle lasts for about 35 to 40 minutes.



There is the intimacy circle of two people. Same guidelines as above, except there is no silent witness. It is important that the question and response form is kept to enable the speaker to go deeper into their experience.



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