Here are areas for the application of mindfulness in contact with others.

Information below gives support to a variety of circumstances in daily life.

We include facilitation and communication training In our Dharma Enquiry programmes held in Germany and Israel.

Dharma Enquiry in German or DFP (Dharma Facilitators Programme) in Israel explores the Dharma.

These four day residential course includes teachings, study of a sutta (discourse of the Buddha), sharing of experiences, intimacy circles and training in facilitation.

There are opportunities to give short talks, answer questions on Dharma and practice along with and developing skills in communication.

See link for the variety of Forms Used in Dharma Enquiry

See also Communication link on website.

 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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7. www.dharmayatra.org  Annual Pilgrimage in late July in southern France.


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