The Religion of Popular Science



In alphabetical order:


1.Core theories, based on current analysis of observable data, include the theory of relativity, theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, the random selection of species and progress of the human species.


2. Darwin's Origin of Species is a sacred book for many believers in biological science

3.Generally, scientists believe in a reductionist approach to reality.


4.Leading prophets of the religion of popular Science are Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


5.Men are predominant in the religion of science.


6.Science becomes a religion when scientists believe reason and more knowledge to be the only way to Truth or Reality.


7.Science consists of perspectives confirmed through well tested, partially tested or poorly tested research - reliant on experimentation, measurement and application.


8.Science currently holds to the theory that the Big Bang created the world. If scientists hold the acceptance of this theory lightly, it does not become a dogma; but when popular science clings to such theories adamantly then science turns into a kind of religious belief.

9,Science relies upon the minds of scientists as much as their objects of interest. Their conclusions depend upon the methods and tools employed and the limitations of such methods and tools.


10.Science teachers are the priests for Science while science departments in universities and centres for scientific research are the Temples of Science. The laboratory is the sacred tabernacle.


11.Scientific ‘truths’ change or develop as believers in science construct new ‘scientific truths‘ These ‘scientific truths’ are liable to be discarded at some future date and thus change from a ‘scientific truth’ to a ‘former belief.’


12.Scientists are the missionaries for the religion of popular Science.


13.Scientists believe in experimentation, observation and deduction as the only way to know the reality of the material/physical world.


14.Scientists cannot create or explain consciousness upon which their reason and knowledge totally depend.

15.Scientists dispute among themselves about Reality.


16.Scientists frequently draw different conclusions on the same research.


17.Scientists often believe their research, knowledge and views are value-neutral; but science depends on values to engage in specific research and also implants values upon the consequences of such research.


18.The religion of popular Science divides into various sects and sub-sects with numerous theories about life – Biologists, Chemists, Neuro-scientists, Geneticists, Geologists, Physicists, Astronomers, etc.


19.The religion of popular Science engages in the battle of good and evil – from medical research to producing and using weapons of mass destruction.


20.There is no unified theory in Science just as there is no unified belief in the sects of the world’s religions.


May all beings be free from clinging to views

May all beings know the emptiness of any institutional thinking

May all beings be free from confusing views with reality


 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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