Vehicles for Insight



A genuine insight frees the mind up, opens the heart and transforms perceptions. Insights can run very deep affecting the very cells of our being. One sentence in a book can change our lives.




  1. discussion

  2. inquiry

  3. focussed attention

  4. meditation

  5. mindful living

  6. nature

  7. listening

  8. reading

  9. reflection

  10. receptivity

  11. speaking

  12. spontaneous arising


Invaluable insights can come from experience, both beautiful and ugly, pleasurable and painful and through the most mundane of events. Benefits from insights may come immediately or much, much later.


Insights open our consciousness to wake us up from the sleep of mundane existence and habitual and restricted patterns.


Changes of consciousness or perception can shake our worldview making available fresh insights into our participation in life.


To know others and ourselves includes knowing the nature of suffering, its causes and conditions, liberation and the way to liberation.



 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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