What Support does the Facilitator give to others?





  • supports everybody without exception

  • endeavors to bring out the deepest understanding, concerns and experiences of the group

  • ensures that everybody has an equal chance to speak

  • helps to clarify particular points if half-expressed, exaggerated or if too many words are used

  • works to take an inclusive outlook rather than rigid position

  • draws the insights out of a person

  • gives summary, if needed, during session

  • encourages quiet people to speak up

  • states what is in common and acknowledge differences

  • feel free to state one’s view (everybody has a taste of the truth!)

  • keeps a track of the theme as stated at the beginning

  • checks out views of others if a person adopts an unusual position

  • gives three minutes to bring to closure

  • allows three minutes for feedback from group.




 May all beings enquire into the experience of being human 

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