Who is a Dharma teacher?



The making of a Dharma Teacher comes primarily from three resources.

First, there is the invitation to teach from an established Dharma Teacher - though there are some exceptions to this.

Second, the Dharma student feels reasonably ready to share her or his understanding of the Dharma with others.

Third, the Sangha establishes a Dharma Teacher.

Regularly, I invite a Dharma student well experienced in practice to assist me on retreats, Dharma yatras (pilgrimages), Dharma gatherings and other programmes. This invitation gives the individual the opportunity to give talks, offer guided meditations, facilitate groups and conduct one to one interviews.

I hope she or he will go on to become established as a Dharma Teacher through receiving invitations to teach and being available to serve others.

A person becomes established as a Dharma Teacher when he or she has a regular teaching programme. 
I also teach with a number of Dharma Teachers who offer their own annual programme.




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